It only took John Carpenter one hour to write the Halloween theme

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Oct 23, 2017, 12:03 PM EDT

The fact that John Carpenter recorded the entire soundtrack to his horror classic Halloween in a mere three days is basically pop culture legend, but he penned the iconic theme a whole lot faster than that.

While speaking to Consequence of Sound, Carpenter said he scored both Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13 in a mad dash, but it’s how quickly he knocked out the Halloween theme that is most impressive. Turns out pressure is the mother of invention for Carpenter, and he cranked out the terrifying theme in just an hour: “That theme was done in like an hour. We moved on.” Carpenter obviously had no idea how much his one-off tune would endure, but it did, and those creaky tones have been giving horror fans nightmares for decades.

Carpenter is returning to the franchise to score the upcoming reboot/sequel from Blumhouse, and he’s become one heck of a musician in his own right, putting out freaky synth tunes on his Lost Themes albums and hitting the road to tour in support of the new music. With Halloween around the corner, Carpenter’s productions are the perfect soundtrack for a good scare.

(Via Consequence of Sound)