It sounds like The Good Place season 2 can better be described as version 2

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Sep 21, 2017

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of The Good Place, as well as minor spoilers for last night's Season 2 finale!

The Good Place is shifting seismically in its second season. According to Variety, in an interview with series creator Mike Schur, while the first season belonged to Kristen Bell’s character, Eleanor, the second season is focused on Ted Danson’s Michael.

The first season ended on the twist reveal that the characters are actually all in the "Bad Place," though their memories were wiped in the finale. Season 2 picked up with a whole new "Good Place" project, except now viewers are in on the twist that Michael is really just trying to torture these four hilariously hapless souls.

Schur said it was a cool thing to wipe everyone’s memories, but then you are in a place where the audience is ahead of the characters, which can get boring. “The way around that is we switch perspectives,” says Schur. “The first season is Eleanor’s, the second season is – largely speaking – Michael’s. The beginning of the premiere is five minutes of him talking to his crew. That’s how it starts, with him saying, ‘Here’s what we’re doing, here’s where we went wrong, here’s what we’re gonna do to fix it,’ and the idea is to say OK, you’re going to see a lot of things you’ve seen before, albeit slightly varied, from a different camera angle and a different point of view, and hopefully that’s what makes it exciting for the first couple episodes.”

 Schur didn’t want to give too much away, but he did reveal “the idea has been that the typical bad place is just a pretty awful, mundane series of torture pits where individual people are thrown in and tortured in various ways. And Michael’s goal was to build a better mousetrap, so we were mostly following his weird little bespoke experiment, not the boring bureaucratic world that the bad place is usually like.”

The Good Place Season 2 airs Wednesday nights on NBC.

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