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It director teases shooting new material for supercut of Chapters One and Two: 'I'm not done'

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Aug 26, 2019, 5:26 PM EDT

When it comes to It: Chapter One and the upcoming It: Chapter Two, director Andy Muschietti is not done.

We knew the filmmaker was going to take both parts and put them together into a giant supercut ... but that's not where the excitement (or the terror) ends. He's going one step further, and is probably getting his cameras and crew together once more.

SYFY WIRE chatted with the filmmaker this past weekend during the press junket for Chapter Two in Los Angeles, and we brought up the fact that his original cut of the second part alone was four hours long. We figured that some of that fallen footage would end up in his supercut, but we didn't expect him to double down on the entire bloody affair.

As Muschietti told us, "I'm intending to make a supercut, which is a version of this story that includes both movies, with all of the material not included in the release, in the theatrical release or the digital release. And possibly a couple of scenes that I haven't shot yet."

So yes, he's confirming he's planning to use all of the filmed footage that didn't make it into the theatrical cuts. And, to the delight of fans, he's really drilling in that last part. What was that about scenes he hasn't shot yet? Is he definitely going back to shoot more material?

His answer was simple: "Yes. I'm not done."

Well, consider that a red balloon popped right into our faces. It: Chapter Two will see Bill Skarsgard return as Pennywise, and will also star James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, James Ransome, Isaiah Mustafa, and Jay Ryan. The original younger cast members from Chapter One will also make return appearances.

For more on the film, check out how Muschietti added in some real-life detail, how he invented a new scene for the film following a few rounds of tequila with McAvoy, and also what some of the early reactions to Chapter Two have been.

It: Chapter Two will float into theaters on Sept. 5, but that will not be the end of the story after all.