Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

It took 1,400 hours to 3D-print this life-sized Tyrion Lannister statue

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Aug 21, 2018, 12:22 PM EDT

Whatever you do, don’t call him a garden gnome. Tyrion Lannister may be infamous for drinking, scheming, knowing things and slapping Joffrey in the face, but he is now also known for being a life-size, completely 3D-printed statue that will stare you down just as if he was plotting your murder.

Jeff Christianson (aka Sir Ken on Thingiverse) is the artist and Game of Thrones superfan who plotted and recently unveiled this piece of rebel royalty. Over 1,400 hours and 25 pounds of plastic went into this life-size creation, which stands 4’5" with a wine goblet in one hand and the other on his belt, as if he’s debating whether to reach for his dagger or a hidden vial of poison.

Christianson didn’t just click and print this impressive doppelganger. He needed genuine Lannister blood to put together ten separate pieces — those alone needed 1,400 hours to print from his Creality CR-10s 3D printer — that he then spent even more hours sanding and painting while the army from King’s Landing fell to the North. That last part may not have actually happened, but the statue that has the power to destroy Westeros is an amplified version of a smaller model by Thingiverse user Prozer that could easily pass for Peter Dinklage’s body double. You know, if you squint a little and have a few glasses of wine.

Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Credit: Jeff Christianson 

“Tyrion is part of my alarm system at my home,” Christianson told io9. “He stands inside the front window of my house and the curtains are programmed to randomly open up during the day so that he can look out and scare anyone in the neighborhood. Nah, that’s not true.”

If they were, that would be beyond cool. Just think of all the screaming trick-or-treaters running from there on Halloween.

You would never guess the plastic incarnation of The Imp was born out of a facial painting experiment which obviously went much better than expected. Christianson, who is currently sewing Tyrion a cloak, also let io9 in on his plans for RVing all over the country to pose him in front of every landmark possible. There might even be a YouTube channel in his future even if he never gets to sit on the Iron Throne.

By the way, if you want to attempt this daring feat, Christianson has uploaded the entire design to Thingiverse for free, no Lannister gold necessary.

Just don’t take him to any weddings.

(via io9)

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