It worked! Snowpiercer's simultaneous VOD release actually made it a hit

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Jul 15, 2014, 8:37 PM EDT (Updated)

After finally getting a wider theatrical opening a few weeks ago, Bong Joon-Ho’s sci-fi epic Snowpiercer jumped to VOD home release — which would typically be a sign of failure in the past. But Snowpiercer ain’t your typical movie.

The VOD market is actually becoming more and more legitimate these days, and it's no longer just the dumping ground for B movies and blockbusters once they reach the DVD and Blu-ray level. Need proof? Just look at what Snowpiercer has done over the past few days.

Less than a day after hitting iTunes, Snowpiercer flew to the top of the movie charts and is holding its own against the big boys. The film earned a solid $1.1 million on VOD, beating out the $635,000 it earned in theaters for the same period. RADiUS-TWC co-president Tom Quinn put it simply in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “It’s a game changer.” VOD numbers also bring more cash to the distributor, which Quinn said makes those totals even more impressive.

It’s a unique approach to push a project out to home release while simultaneously expanding it to additional screens (356 will grow to 600 soon). Considering the relatively small number of theaters showing the film, though, it's still holding strong. It’ll be really interesting to see if Snowpiercer can continue to impress on both fronts. If so, it could open up more studios to consider the approach.

What’s our take? This could be the first step in a very awesome direction. More options are a good thing for consumers, and having the ability to buy a movie at home probably won’t have that much of an effect on the desire to see it on the big screen. You’re still paying for it, and each experience brings its own perks and advantages.

What do you think? Were you among the masses who picked up Snowpiercer at home?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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