It's a battle through time in 1st look at Marvel's new Spider-Man 2099 series

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Spider-Man 2099 is back, but this time Miguel O'Hara's battle is in the year 2014.

As promised by Marvel earlier this year, the fan-favorite future webslinger has returned, and he's back in the hands of the writer who co-created him, the legendary Peter David, working alongside up-and-coming artist Will Sliney (Fearless DefendersSuperior Spider-Man Team-Up). Spinning out of the recently relaunched Amazing Spider-Man, the new Spidey 2099 series sees O'Hara out of his own time, trapped in the year 2014 by his evil father, with an opportunity to change the future for everyone.

As he adjusts to life in this new era, O'Hara realizes that 2014 is actually the year his future nemesis, the evil Alchemax corporation, was just starting to ramp up business. Hoping to influence the growth of the company from within and prevent its future ills, O'Hara goes undercover as an Alchemax employee.

“Miguel becomes determined to try and transform his grandfather, Tiberius Stone into a decent guy in the hopes that it will wind up informing the raising of Tyler Stone, and perhaps make him a better person,” David said. “In short, he’s hoping that he can influence the development of both the present and future of Alchemax.

“He’s going to find that’s not as easy as he’d hoped."

As O'Hara's mission to alter the future begins, though, he discovers another very powerful being -- the Adjustor -- who also wants to change what's to come ... by killing O'Hara. That, plus the upcoming Spider-Verse event, will definitely keep Spider-Man 2099 busy for a while. Check out three pages from Spider-Man 2099 #1 below, along with covers by Simone Bianchi, Skottie Young and Rick Leonardi. The first issue hits comic-book shops July 9.