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An alien/human romance causes trouble in trailer for CW's Star-Crossed

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May 31, 2013, 10:24 AM EDT (Updated)

A full-fledged trailer for The CW’s alien love story Star-Crossed has been released, setting up the politically tinged twist on the WB classic Roswell.

The trailer does a solid job of breaking down the premise, which picks up several years after aliens have arrived on Earth. We get to see the dangerous early days, then jump forward to the assimilation phase — where the first set of aliens arrive at a human high school.

This being a CW series, there’s a forbidden-lovers storyline at the heart of the concept, where a lovely young lady has a secret connection with one of those handsome young aliens.

If they can manage to capture enough of the Roswell-style alien fun, this one could be pretty good. But if it quickly devolves into 90210 with a dash of alien bits, it might be better suited for that guilty pleasure sweet spot.

What do you think of the full trailer? Will you be checking this one out this fall?

(Via TV Line)