It's Christmas on Supergirl, but the only one visiting houses is Reign

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Dec 4, 2017

Here be SPOILERS for Supergirl Season 3, Episode 9: "Reign."

Now this is what I want out of Supergirl. Tonight had all of the cutesy-girly-silly-touchy-feely stuff, but it was interspersed with action and danger. Long story short: Reign is here and she is a badass. But Sam still doesn't seem to know she is Reign. She has no recollection of the trip she took to her home.

A strange Kryptonian symbol is being burned into fields and rooftops around the city. Kara is unfamiliar with it, but the hologram of her mother reveals that it came before the Book of Rao. She cannot translate it -- maybe no one can. And yet Coville the Cult Leader somehow has the answer. It is the symbol of a dark god, a devil. A world killer. Whoever programmed the hologram computer with "all the knowledge in the known world" should be fired.


At the same time, the show works in a story about a gang, the One-Seven, who fall victim to Reign. When Lena and James go to investigate, Lena is almost killed by a guy with a laser gun, someone they trace back to Morgan Edge. It seems like a very complicated, roundabout way to finally get Lena and James to hook up.

When Sam hears about Edge's alleged attempt to kill Lena (again), she goes into a Reign trance and attacks Edge in his office. For some reason, Reign doesn't kill him. We don't know why -- she shows up, eye lasers ablaze, behind a screen or something. We don't see her approach Edge, or anything else. We just see the aftermath: Edge holding a press conference and blaming-not blaming Supergirl for the attack.


Supergirl finally decides to take the fight to Reign directly. She leaves her own calling card on the roof of CatCo, and Reign soon appears. Reign announces that she was born to cleanse the scourge and dispense justice. The two ladies start to fight, an epic battle that takes them across the city and a full act of the show. Reign pummels Supergirl, causing her to bleed and weakening her significantly. Reign takes Supergirl to the roof of a building and drops her over the side. I think that is the worst way to try to kill an alien who can fly, but apparently Supergirl was weakened so much she couldn't save herself and she crashes to the ground. She's not dead, but she's in bad shape.

As the episode ends, it is Christmas morning. Ruby runs downstairs, excited, but her mom doesn't respond to her eager calls. That's because Sam is standing at a window, in some kind of trance. She spins toward Ruby, her hair obscuring her face, and we slam to black.

I am not sure what the point of this is, but it is a pattern throughout the episode: We don't see Reign unless she is fighting against Supergirl. When she kills the gang members at the docks, all we see is a weird, uncertain POV shot of someone killing the gang members. We don't see her attack Edge, and we don't see her face when Ruby finds her. I am not really sure of the point of this. Was it supposed to be some sort of "mystery," like we aren't supposed to know that Sam is Reign?


Other than that, it was a sweet, Christmasy episode. M'yrnn laments that J'onn didn't tell him about hot cocoa before coffee; Winn debates J'onn about his love of Star Wars; Ruby peppers Alex with excited questions about Supergirl. On the emo side of things, Kara is having a tough time accepting that Mon-El is married. Imra telling Kara about how hard it was for Mon-El to move on didn't seem to help things. We did find out that the pair are part of something called the Legion, which was based on Supergirl's desire to help people and make the world a better place. She is the inspiration for the Legion. In the 31st century, "conflict is constant," so the Legion tries to negate some of that. Mon-El and Imra fell through a wormhole that sent them back in time 1200 years. They decided to put themselves in cryogenic sleep, and they weren't supposed to wake until the 31st century, but the torpedo changed that.

What was your take on the episode? Is there something behind the mystery of Reign, or was it just a weird, unfortunate directorial choice?