It's a demon-filled world in intense Comic-Con trailer for NBC's Constantine

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Jul 27, 2014, 1:35 PM EDT (Updated)

John Constantine's a damn good exorcist, but by the looks of things he's going to have to start working overtime.

Like fellow new DC Comics-based shows The Flash and GothamConstantine's had a heavy presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year. On Saturday night DC and Warner Bros. screened a somewhat reworked version of the show's pilot for fans in San Diego, then released another trailer for the flick to the world. 

If you've watched the previous trailers for the series, you've seen a good bit of this footage before. There's John Constantine (Matt Ryan) meeting Liv (Lucy Griffiths) and explaining to her what her abilities can do; there's Manny (Harold Perrineau) landing on Earth and warning that something's "on the way"; there's the reveal of Doctor Fate's helmet; there's Constantine arguing with his a doctor in an asylum, exorcising a fellow asylum inmate; and so on.

There's also plenty of new footage, though, particularly footage focusing on the influx of souls in the world, many of them looking for human bodies to possess. When you take all that previously seen footage and intercut it with things like, for example, a boy who seems to be turning homicidal, and an evil-looking eye suddenly appearing in the middle of a computer monitor, the tone changes, and the stakes seem higher. Check it out.

Earlier trailers were definitely heavier on the dynamic between Constantine and Liv, but since we now know Liv isn't going to be around for very long, it seems this trailer would much rather give us more of the monsters. And it works. It's easily the darkest of the trailers so far, and it plays up the idea that Constantine and his gang are going to be surrounded by these dark forces all the time. It also, fortunately, doesn't hide the humor altogether. The final scene between John and Chas was a nice touch.

Constantine premieres Oct. 24 on NBC.

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