Grimm's Episode 605 - "The Seven Year Itch"

It's Grimm business for Nick, Hank and Wu when a cicada Wesen wants to party

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May 2, 2017, 3:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "The Seven Year Itch" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: A bizarre murder in the park leads Nick, Hank and Wu to one of Portland's founding fathers. Meanwhile, Captain Renard continues to struggle with his visions of Meisner, and his desperate attempts to "clear his head" make matters worse. With Diana's help, Adalind rescues Eve from the tunnels and discovers mysterious drawings along the walls. Also, when Rosalee and Monroe visit the doctor they learn three babies are better than one!

The Good: A partying cicada Wesen, a would-be victim who stands up for herself and a nice Adalind/Eve moment
Krystal: The Átaktos Fuse is an insect-like cicada Wesen whose name literally translates to party animal. It turns out one of Portland's earliest settlers, William Stillman, was one of these murderous creatures. Every seven years, it rises from the Earth and spends 24 hours tracking its next big meal. According to lore, Átaktos Fuse is immortal but needs a food source (a body) to feed on during hibernation. Unfortunately, this time it picked the wrong victim.
Kathie: While we know the good guys will defeat the hungry cicada Wesen, it was a great moment when the would-be victim stands up and turns into a bigger Wesen who bites the head off of her attacker. The look on Nick, Hank and Wu's faces was priceless. The party animal cicada really picked the wrong girl. It was a great twist in a show where Nick usually protects the innocent and saves the day.

Grimm's Episode 605 - \"The Seven Year Itch\"
Kathie: Meanwhile, back in mythology land, the continually creepy Diana tells mommy Adalind that Eve is in the tunnel, leading to Eve's rescue. While I've never been entirely comfortable with the Nick/Adalind romance or the fact that Adalind is suddenly a good guy, there is a nice moment between the two women when Adalind apologizes for what she did to Eve. Both women and we the audience know that if it hadn't been for evil Adalind, Eve would still be Juliette and she'd still be with Nick.
The Bad: CGI problems, Monroe and Rosalee's doctor, that stick, and Diana issues.
Krystal: This week's monster was CGI-heavy, and that's not a good thing. I’ve always been a fan of Grimm's more practical effects. Great makeup and a decent wig can go a long way. Unfortunately, the blatant and shiny animation was a constant distraction.
Kathie: I agree. Probably to two worst CGI Wesen they've had on the show. The winged cicada Wesen was fine once it transformed, but the girl's Wesen character looked cartoonish. Cool ideas. Bad execution.

Grimm's Episode 605 - \"The Seven Year Itch\"
Krystal: Monroe and Rosalee need to find a new doctor. During a routine check-up, they nervously inquired about whether Rosalee was carrying one or multiple babies. The doctor claimed that there was only a single heartbeat. But when the future parents nudged her to look again, two more popped up. Um, what?! Why didn’t the doctor see that the first or second time they asked? I know this is a fantasy series but come on. Do your job.
Kathie: The storyline involving the mysterious stick and the effects it seems to be having on Nick and Eve is advancing at a snail's pace without any answers. We know the stick can heal, it's having weird effects on Nick and Eve, there are symbols only Eve and Diana can see, and it protected Nick from the cops. Rather than just layering on the mystery, it'd be nice to get a clue or two before the big reveal at the end of the series.

Grimm's Episode 605 - \"The Seven Year Itch\"
Kathie: The other continuing problem is Diana. The writers are turning to her character constantly to solve problems or explain things. Nick's about to get killed so Diana controls Renard forcing him to kill Bonaparte. Nick becomes Renard to save the day from evil, soon-to-be-Mayor Renard and then gets stuck as him, until Diana magically turns him back. Eve's trapped in the tunnels, but Diana senses her there and tells her mommy, so Adalind can save Eve. Diana can see the symbols no one else except Eve can see. It reminds me of Star Trek: TNG when Wesley Crusher saved the ship every other episode. Kid characters shouldn't be smarter or more powerful than adult characters. It makes the kid character, despite being played by fine actors, annoying.
Lingering questions: Meisner aka Freddy Krueger and those altered states
Krystal: The episode ended with Renard and Meisner together again in what appears to be an isolated area. Are they in some type of dreamscape? It doesn’t matter what Renard does, he just can’t shake these visions. He can’t physically hurt Meisner but Meisner can physically hurt him. It’s like A Nightmare on Elm Street all over again. Is Meisner the new, burn-free Freddy Krueger?
Kathie: A lot of the characters seem to be having altered states. Nick's having dreams of dying, Renard is being haunted by Meisner, and Eve's trapped in the tunnels and drawing the weird symbols on the tunnel walls. If this is all tied together and the stick is responsible (although it's hard to imagine how Renard would be involved in that scenario), then it may come to make sense. I'm willing to give the writers some time to spin their tale as we head toward the end. But there are a lot of mysteries swirling around with few answers. Let's hope the writers drop some clues before we get to the finale episode.

Grimm's Episode 605 - \"The Seven Year Itch\"
Lines of the night:
"I’m not sure I can commit to a half-assed haunting, Sean." – Meisner
"I do not like dead bodies on an empty stomach." – Hank 
"I killed him to put him out of his misery and this is the thanks I get." – Renard
"What's a girl got to do to find the right guy in this town?" – Girl wesen, after she bites the head off her attacker
Best line of the night: "A mind is a terrible thing to lose." – Meisner

Grimm Season 6, Episode 5: "The Seven Year Itch" aired on Friday, Feb. 3 on NBC.