Grimm's Episode 608 - "The Son Also Rises"

It's Grimm business when Hank and Wu run into a Frankenstein Wesen in a Nick-less investigation

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Apr 28, 2017, 12:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "The Son Also Rises" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: When you play God, weird stuff's bound to happen. This week, several scientists are targeted by a savage yet mysterious figure they helped create. Nick, Hank and Wu have to pick up the pieces (literally) and stop the culprit before it hurts someone else. Meanwhile, it’s Eve versus the mirror Round Two, but this time she ends up in the hospital. Back at the station, Capt. Renard reaches out to an old friend to get some insight into Diana’s drawings.

The good: A monster mash, Team Hank and Wu, a grave robber and another visit by Mr. Green Eyes

Krystal: I really wish this episode aired during Halloween. It was a perfect homage to the horror classic Frankenstein. One of the characters is Dr. Victor Shelley, which is a nod to both Dr. Victor Frankenstein and author Mary Shelley. It turns out Dr. Shelley and his son were in a terrible car accident that resulted in the father’s long-term injuries and the son's "death."

Unable to cope with the loss, Dr. Shelley recruits a few of his medical brethren to help rebuild and revive his son. Visually, it was an interesting take on Frankenstein's monster, because they accidentally used Wesen body parts. During his rages, each limb would react in a different color or texture. After weeks of bad CGI, that was pretty impressive.

Kathie: When Nick leaves the investigation to attend to Eve at the hospital, Hank and Wu prove they don't need Nick to take on a Frankenstein Wesen. It's fun to watch them channel their inner Grimms. BTW, isn't it time Wu became a detective after all these years?

Grimm's Episode 608 - \"The Son Also Rises\"

Krystal: Can we keep Dr. Melville on for the rest of the season? Yes, he sold corpses for cash, but he was so darn funny. He was always frazzled and shifty-eyed. I really enjoyed the actor’s performance. He was a breath of fresh air.

Kathie: Beyond the investigation, Eve got another visit by the green-eyed skull through a mirror at the spice shop. However, this time Mr. Green Eyes grabbed her by the throat when its arm came right out of a hand-held mirror, leading Eve to wogue and bite the arm. The next morning Rosalee and Monroe find Eve passed out and she ends up in the hospital. Interesting moment, when Nick gets the call and he rushes to the hospital, but not before calling Eve ... Juliette.

The bad: Haunted Nick, babies on board, and the end really is near.

Kathie: In the hospital, before Eve wakes up, Nick has flashbacks of evil hexenbiest Juliette's attack on him and his finding his mother's head in a box. I guess the writers are going there because Nick -- upon seeing Eve/Juliette in a hospital bed -- is reminded of Eve/Juliette's “death” when she was shot in the chest with arrows by Trubel. So is Nick going to leave Adalind and get back together with Eve? I doubt it with only a handful of episodes left to go. Just not sure why Nick is being haunted by the past at this point.

Grimm's Episode 608 - \"The Son Also Rises\"

Krystal: Monroe’s nightmare is going to give me nightmares. He had a dream that Rosalee was at the end of her pregnancy and ready to deliver. I understand that it’s the final season but why couldn’t they use a fake belly for Bree Turner during that scene? It literally looked like they stuffed a pillow under her gown. Once I saw how square and plush her stomach was, I mentally checked out.

Kathie: I actually thought Monroe's nightmare was pretty funny. After delivering three babies, he really starts to freak out when they keep coming. I didn't care about the pillow. Loved the twisted nightmare! On the other hand, when it comes to Monroe and Rosalee, do they really think a possessed mirror (or maybe it's a porthole to hell or whatever) will be safe just because it's put in a locked desk drawer?

But what I don't like most is the fact that we only have FIVE episodes left before THE END is HERE.

Lingering questions: The prophecy and its pawn, and let's get on with it!

Krystal: Renard’s pal, Dasha Karpushin, claims that Diana’s a part of the prophecy. The entire exchange between her and Renard was so vague. Dasha didn’t deliver any real insight. She spoke in general terms that pointed to something most of us have already figured out. Diana has been somewhat of a 'key' since birth. The question is who will manipulate her powers and for what purpose?

Grimm's Episode 608 - \"The Son Also Rises\"

Kathie: The episode opened up with Nick, Eve, Rosalee and Monroe investigating the impending date of probable doom that's looming where “something” is going to happen. At the end of the episode Eve says to Nick, "I have this feeling that something is starting ... Whatever it is, I don't think we have a lot of time left before it gets here." After teasing us for far too long with the keys, the stick, the cloth, the tunnel drawings, Diana's connection, the magic healing, the mysterious date of March 24, and the effects the stick has on Eve and Nick, there's only five episodes left. Let's get on with it!

Lines of the night:

"I don’t see Eve as the kind of person to spend a lot of time, you know ... mirroring." – Monroe

"Well, six grand. One thousand for each body. But I did report it on my income tax. It was a business deal." – Dr. Melville

Best line of the night:

"He’s alive. He's alive!" – Dr. Shelley

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