Grimm's Episode 606 - "Breakfast in Bed"

It's Grimm business when Nick and the gang try to solve a sleep-eating Wesen mystery

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May 2, 2017, 11:40 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for “Breakfast in Bed” because hey ... it's a TV Recap!
The short version: Nick and Hank investigate a local hotel after one of its residents kills a man in cold blood. The perpetrator, who’s visibly insane, is just one of several victims of a sleep-eating Wesen called an Alpe. With Monroe’s help, Nick and Hank try to catch the creature in the act. Meanwhile, Rosalee and Eve discover the purpose of the symbols on the cloth. And Renard has a heart-to-heart with Meisner making an important decision about his future.
The good: It's a good old fashion whodunnit, on not missing Diana, and Monroe's back!
The Alpe is a Wesen that feeds off melatonin, causing its victim severe insomnia. The lack of sleep leads to insanity and, before you know it, you have a murder on our hands. I have to admit, it’s been a while since any show has kept me guessing, but Grimm did it. Throughout the episode, the writers kept the Alpe’s identity close to the vest. There were several red herrings (Was it the manager? Was it the old man in the wheelchair?), but none of them panned out. Who would have thought the hotel owner and supposed California resident (Beverly) was really the Alpe in satin clothing?  

Kathie: The final joke of the episode ... the old man in the wheelchair at the end of the hall is actually a red herring Wesen who's laughing at us (along with the writers). The mystery is intriguing, and I also liked the procedural of it all. I was especially happy to have an episode without the too-powerful Diana, who along with Adalind, wasn't in the episode. Missed Adalind. Didn't miss Diana. 

Grimm's Episode 606 - \"Breakfast In Bed\"

Kathie: The team works well together with Eve, Rosalee and Monroe in the spice shop basement hitting the books and computer to provide info for Hank and Nick, who put in the shoe leather. It was fun to see Monroe leave the books and Rosalee behind to go undercover at the flea bag hotel, providing the show's funniest moments as the Alpe's next sleepy victim. Nobody does physical humor on the show better than Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, and he hasn't gotten to do a lot of it in the spice shop. Of course, Monroe joining the investigation means Wu, who also does great physical comedy, takes a back seat. Wouldn't it be fun to see Wu and Monroe partner on a case?
The bad: Poor investigative work, Get a Clue, Has Nick lost his humanity?
Sending Monroe in adds fun to the episode. But why didn't Nick and Hank search the rooms beforehand? Why risk Monroe's life? One knock on the wall told Hank there was something behind it. They could have found the passageway sooner. They knew the Alpe was getting in somehow.
Krystal: Some of Nick’s actions left me scratching my head. I feel as if his Grimm powers only come into play when it’s convenient. It’s been established that he has super strength, so why did he need Hank’s help to move those dressers? It looked as if he was struggling. This whole episode he seemed a Nick can take on Black Claw’s army by himself but furniture? That’s just too much!
Kathie: While it's good to see the show get back to a who dunnit, this is a fairly forgettable episode of Grimm. We're not really invested in anyone at the hotel. There's no sympathetic Wesen for us to care about because we're playing a game of Clue. 

Grimm's Episode 606 - \"Breakfast In Bed\"

Kathie: That said, the manager's death was just wrong. He didn't do anything other than run from a Grimm and fight to protect his life. There's no hint he was involved in the Alpe attacks. There was no reason to think he was a bad man. But instead of just restraining him or knocking him out, Nick breaks his neck and never deals with the possibility he's killed an innocent Wesen. The Alpe was attacking people and driving them crazy. The Alpe dies. OK. She was feeding off humans. But will Nick and Hank sleep well that night after killing the manager? Should they?
Krystal: At this point in the show, I think Nick is just fed up. Early on, we saw him struggle with being both a cop and a Grimm. He tried to be fair and do things by the book, but where did that get him? I’m not saying it’s right but I feel as if he’s looking at the big picture. The manager did try to attack him so that could be seen as self-defense. I just think it was sloppy detective work that led them to the manager in the first place. As I said before, they gave us several Alpe options.
Lingering questions: Is Meisner real? Is it the end of the world as we know it?

Kathie: This episode answers a major mythology question. The symbols on the cloth surrounding the stick and the symbols Eve drew in the cave are a calendar. And that gives us a big new piece of mythology. Rosalee and Eve figure out that the calendar points to a date in the future and that date is looming, March 24th. Whatever the big date means, you just know it's not going to be good for the world. 

Grimm's Episode 606 - \"Breakfast In Bed\"

And finally, what's up with Meisner? He actually saves Renard's life and knows things Renard doesn't. How can he just be a ghost or a figment of Renard's guilt. So, if he's not a ghost and Renard's not going crazy, what is Meisner and why is he “haunting” the Captain? And will we see Black Claw again?
Lines of the night:
“Got a fun one. Someone woke up in a bad mood, smashed a guy’s head into the pavement.” – Hank
“&$#% You can’t leave me like this! $&@*#” – A paralyzed Monroe
“Like the man said, life is a nightmare that prevents one from sleeping, so...sleep well.” – Monroe
Best line of the night:
“As you said, I am a Grimm. One less Alpe in the world, who’s gonna lose any sleep over that?” – Nick to Beverly the Alpe when she refused to cooperate.