Grimm - Where The Wild Things Were

It's Grimm business when the Skull Guy in the Mirror makes his entrance

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Apr 27, 2017, 10:57 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Where the Wild Things Were" because hey ... it's a TV Recap!

The short version: When the gang discovers that Eve went through the mirror using Blood Magic to stop Skull Guy, Nick figures out a way to follow her to the Other Place. While Nick and Eve discover a world much like the Black Forest where Wesen never take human form, they meet a village of humans who've been battling the Wesen, and get a guide to lead them to Skull Guy. Meanwhile, back on our side of the mirror, the rest of the gang fills in Renard about the tunnel and stick of it all only to discover that Diana is at the center of a centuries-old prophecy that would allow the Devil to cross over into our world to make her his child bride.

The good: Answers! A cohesive story! A Nick and Eve heart-to-heart!

Kathie: Yay! We've got answers. And we get a full introduction to Skull Guy, aka Zerstörer, who turns out to be a devil. Maybe even The Devil. He lives in the Other Place in a gloomy Stonehenge-type rock formation. We also meet humans and Wesen who never become human and all of them are very primitive, except that they seem to have nice clothes and speak German way better than Nick or Eve.

Krystal: We have a cohesive story! Instead of dealing with monsters of the week, there's one goal that every member of the team wants to accomplish. They’ve even let Renard in on the mysterious tunnel, the cloth, and those illuminating symbols. Having Diana at the heart of the prophecy gives the Captain a legitimate and unselfish reason to be involved.

Kathie: And luckily Renard can call his Skype-buddy for info on the Devil-wants-a-child-bride business. While the rest of the gang doesn't have a lot to do other than look at Renard suspiciously, they are all finally on the same page.

Grimm - Where The Wild Things Were

Krystal: Nick and Eve have a much-needed heart-to-heart. They simultaneously addressed their past while acknowledging the awkwardness of their present. Eve still doesn’t identify as Juliette and that’s OK. She even explains to Nick that she accepts her fate and doesn’t blame him for any of it. There’s been a dark cloud over them ever since Juliette “died.” It was good to see them clear the air and move forward.

The bad: Child Brides-R-Us, Mirror World, and there's only TWO episodes left!

Krystal: Regarding the prophecy, the “Shaphat” or "child bride" storyline is beyond disturbing. Not only does Skull Guy want to marry Diana, but he wants to have hundreds of children with her. Did anyone else’s stomach turn at the mention of that?

Kathie: Yes, indeed! I would have preferred Eve being the target since Skull Guy already went after her. While we still don't know all the answers, I'm disappointed that Diana is the key. It's just creepy. Rather than an organic twist, this storyline feels a little too hammered together. That's the problem with setting everything up for a big reveal at the last moment.

Grimm - Where The Wild Things Were

Krystal: The mirror world looks terrible. I understand it’s supposed to be primitive, but it comes across as cheap. Grimm has always had an element of camp that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, yet this presentation screams high school production. I prefer practical effects to CGI Wesen, but they don’t work here.

Kathie: I'd also like to see some sort of civilization in the mirror world rather than cave men and Wesen types that are just trying to eat each other. The idea of a mirror world is interesting, a world where Wesen don't become human, but I wish this had been taken further. Skull Guy does look scary enough and seems like a good match for our heroes, but if this world was meant to trap him hopefully there will be more reasoning for this all by the time we get to the final moments of the series.

There is a cliffhanger, so we get a “To Be Continued” ending to the episode. However, there will be resolution one way or another soon. But what I don't like most is the fact that we only have TWO episodes left before THE END is HERE.

Lingering questions: Skull Guy makes an entrance! Devil babies! Monroe's full name!

Krystal: Nick and Eve are finally face-to-face with Skull Guy -- for real this time. Can they keep him from crossing over? And will the team be able to bring them back without destroying both worlds?

Grimm - Where The Wild Things Were

Kathie: Will Diana become a child bride to the devil and have lots of devil babies? Why wouldn't the creators of the all powerful stick make something more impressive than a stick to save or destroy the world? I mean ... it's a stick. Doesn't anyone remember that the symbols are a calendar that mean March 24? Will we ever find out why Meisner has been haunting Renard? Will Hank finally get a girlfriend who isn't evil? Will Wu ever eat another sofa? How did Wesen actually come to exist? Does Blutbad taste like chicken? Will Monore and Rosalee's kids be born? Where's Trubel? And really, what is Monroe's full name?

Lines of the night:

"What, Nick? Some other magic mirror unlocking gizmo?" - Monroe to Nick about how to get into the mirror.

"Renard could be totally lying. After all the back stabbing that's been going on literally and figuratively, you really want to bring him on this?" – Monroe

"I'm guessing this is your standard stone slab sacrificial altar." – Eve

“I suppose this is how Alice felt falling down the rabbit hole." – Wu

"Happiness doesn’t interest me anymore, Nick. It just gets in the way." – Eve

Best line of the night:

"None of us are who we used to be." – Nick