It's Inhumans vs. mutants as Cyclops returns in Marvel Comics' Death of X event

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Jul 7, 2016, 3:19 PM EDT

The post-Secret Wars universe has proven an interesting place for the X-Men and Inhumans, as the mutants find themselves on the verge of extinction due to the Terrigen cloud that is knocking them off and creating new Inhumans by the day. But it seems all that bad blood is about to come to a head.

Marvel has revealed plans for a new four-issue miniseries dubbed Death of X, which will pit the mutants against the Inhumans and see the return of the adult Scott Summers/Cyclops, who has been noticeably absent since the semi-reboot. The series will be co-written by X-Men’s Jeff Lemire and Inhuman’s Charles Soule, with art by Aaron Kuder.

Parts of the story will be set eight months in the past, in the immediate wake of Secret Wars’ conclusion. So it should finally fill in a few of those lingering gaps.

“For both sides of this, it doesn’t affect just a small group of them,” Soule told Entertainment Weekly about the project. “There are heroic Inhumans, but it also affects the bad guys and the psychotic ones just as much as it affects the nice love-and-happiness ones. It’s not just their livelihood and way of life but their very lives at stake, so they’re gonna react the way you think they would. Some people move to some kind of shared solution, but there’s a lot of superhero punching and blasting and stuff like that.”

Death of X is set to premiere this October, and will hopefully give us the big faceoff we’ve been waiting for ever since Marvel decided to make the Inhumans an even bigger player in the comic universe.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)