It's not a stranger thing anymore: 67% of you watch Netflix in public

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Nov 16, 2017

Nielsen Media Research estimated that television viewership is on an increase, but Business Insider is clear: Television ownership is on the decline. “There is an average of 2.3 TVs in an American home, down from 2.6 per household in 2009.” Instead of television sets, we’re watching Stranger Things and Riverdale on our computers and tablets.

And because our portable devices are portable, we’re doing it in public. According to Netflix, “67% of people…watch their favorite shows and movies in public.”

In a survey of 37,056 people from 22 countries, Netflix learned that this may lead to awkward emotional reactions, such as crying in public (or in the case of Black Mirror, sobbing in emotional agony). One out of five viewers has cried over emotional scenes while in public. Also, you’re more likely to cry in public over The Iron Giant if you’re from Mexico, Colombia, and Chile and less likely to cry if you’re from Germany.

Other facts from Netflix include:

- Forty-five percent of public Netflixers have spotted people behind them watching their screen.

- Eleven percent of public Netflixers have been accidentally spoiled when they watch someone else’s screen.

- Twenty-seven percent of public Netflixers have been interrupted by strangers who want to chat about the show or film.

When asked about their travel and commuting, these same people ranked access to movie and television higher than food and drink—30 percent versus 25 percent and 23 percent, respectively.

It’s fascinating behavior, one that is likely to increase as it normalizes.

You may convince us that watching media on our computers and tablets is okay. But you’ll never convince us that watching media on a cell phone is ideal. And miss the fine details of well-constructed set design? Not gonna happen.

Do you watch television or movies in public? Has it changed the experience for you?

(Via Wired)

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