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It's official: Deadpool director Tim Miller to helm Terminator 6

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Sep 13, 2017, 11:45 PM EDT

Tim Miller’s directorial debut was Deadpool, the comic book movie with a Tomatometer of 84% and a box office take of $783.1 million on a $58 million budget. So after departing the Deadpool sequel, Miller was in a position to pick pretty much any project he chose. And the project he has now officially chosen is Terminator 6.

We’ve discussed this before, and although it seemed Miller had been tapped as the director, he was only “in talks,” and merely "wanted" until now. But Skydance Media, the production company that produced Terminator: Genisys, has gone on the record by tweeting an invite to “Join filmmakers Jim Cameron and Tim Miller for an exclusive conversation about the upcoming Terminator.”

According to The Terminator Fans, the first draft of the script should be completed some time in September, so around now. James Cameron will be producing. Filming will begin in 2018. And Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, reprising his familiar role. Sadly, there is no word about Neuromancer, the film that Miller was considering prior to this.

Ultimately, I'm excited about a new Terminator film. Unlike most people, I didn’t hate Terminator: Genisys. Although I thought turning... Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler John Connor into Skynet’s mole was a terrible choice, I genuinely enjoyed the twist of the Sarah Connor being turned into the action hero who spouts the familiar tagline, “Come with me if you want to live.”

Tim Miller directed Deadpool as an in-your-face, take-no-prisoners action film. The Terminator is a 33-year-old franchise in need of a jump to its thready heart. You can come with Miller if you want the Terminator franchise to live. I know I do.

(via MovieWeb)