It's official: Jackman and Mangold will BOTH be back for Wolverine sequel

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Nov 5, 2013

In case you were worried that The Wolverine represented the end of Logan's solo efforts, we bring good news. 

In the domestic market, James Mangold's take on Wolverine performed reasonably well, but not terribly mind-blowing. But hello, international! With a worldwide take of $413 million, The Wolverine is the second-highest-grossing X-flick to date. Do you know what that means?


As of now, James Mangold is in talks to return. He's ready to write up a treatment that would reteam him with long-serving X-producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Naturally, Hugh Jackman will also return as we imagine he will continue to do until his bones turn to powder or the producers no longer let him.

We've already seen Mangold do a character-focused, non-apocalyptic take on the character. Is it time to switch things up, or is this a formula that works?

Now it's a question of story. We think maybe it's time to switch from Frank Miller to something in a Mark Millar, Old Man Logan vein. How about you?

(via Deadline)

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