It's official: Matt Ryan's Constantine is coming to The CW's Arrow

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Aug 13, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT

NBC’s short-lived Constantine series might be officially dead, it seems the namesake Hellblazer will be getting a reprieve this fall on The CW's Arrow. The small screen DC universe is getting a whole lot bigger.

It has now been confirmed that Matt Ryan's Constantine will be guest starring in at least one episode of Arrow this fall, following up on a long-planned move to combine the shows into a shared universe (which was shelved when Constantine was cancelled). Now, through sheer force of geeky will, Constantine will live on. Kinda. Here's hoping he can grow into a recurring player in Starling City.

The actor previously chatted with DC Comics Movie about reports indicating his Hellblazer could pop up in the fourth season of Arrow, which is heading down a mystical road that would be an excellent fit for his trademark brand of demon fighting. Ryan obviously said had said he was excited about the potential buzz. As for how he’ll fit in with the costumed heroes? Well, he thinks they could use a bit of Constantine’s trademark wit when it comes to the tights and masks:

“I don’t know, I think the one thing–What would be interesting, in the comics John always calls all the superheroes costumers. It’ll be weird to just turn around and go: ‘Hey, nice leather pants, if I don’t say so myself’.

That’s what I love about John, is that he’s a real, fleshed out, three-dimensional human being, you know? He’s like not your average superhero, he’s like a jerk, you know? And I love the way he reacts in the comics, in the DC Universe with all those other characters. It’ll just be a little bit of fun, to see how he would react to The Flash, the Arrow…”

What do you think? What's going to happen when Constantine swaps barbs with Oliver Queen?

(Via The Hollywood ReporterDC Comics Movie)

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