It's official - Supergirl is coming to CBS

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Sep 19, 2014

If Marvel is in a mostly monogamous TV relationship with ABC, then DC is getting around with every other major network in town. There's Arrow, Flash and iZombie on the CW, Gotham at Fox, Constantine at NBC, and now Supergirl is headed to the land where stories about how one meets a mother take nine years to tell -- CBS.

Producers Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler closed their deal with CBS last night, only a day after the project was introduced to the networks. That's fast. And the rumor is that the commitment to the show is even greater than the one Fox gave to GothamBut let's move beyond the networks for a second and talk about what we'll be seeing. First of all, yes, this is the Kara Zor-El version of Supergirl who will be taking the stage. Secondly, unlike the Smallville incarnation, this Supergirl will be in her 20s and already have been on Earth for a little while.

It's a tale of a woman deciding it's finally time to step out from behind the safety of being part of the pack and acknowledge that she is unique and that she can help the world in a way that almost no one else can. And that story has plenty of real-life scenarios it can use along with all the typical cape-and-tights trappings.

Berlanti already has a big comic-book adaptation hit with Arrow. But with Flash about to premiere and Supergirl officially a go, it's interesting to see him move away from the power-free Oliver Queen and toward some of the most super-powered heroes in the DC universe. Meanwhile, Adler is bringing more of a comedic sensibility to the proceedings, since her most successful super-powered project was Chuck.

All in all, it's a pretty solid get for CBS, and an exciting thing in general, since a leading female hero isn't something we've seen much of so far from comic-book adaptations.

The next big thing they need to do is cast the lead. Might we offer a few suggestions?

(via Deadline)

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