It's official: This is the biggest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia in existence

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Sep 17, 2014, 5:07 PM EDT

Most sci-fi fans have might have a desk-sized Dalek or replica sonic screwdriver laying around their desks, but Ian O’Brien has taken his Doctor Who fandom to a whole new level.

O’Brien has been named the record holder for the largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia by the Guinness Book of World Records. His collection includes 1,573+ Doctor Who items, ranging from cardboard stand-ups, DVDs and a boatload of Daleks. He got started in 1974 after his parents bought him a yellow Newer Marx Dalek for Christmas.

After being officially inducted, following the laborious process of taking separate photos of each item in his collection, O’Brien talked to the Radio Times about how he’s built his Dalek army over the years:

“It's mostly Daleks, Cybermen, action figures, and all the DVDs. I have all the Doctor Who annuals there have been, apart from the 1970 Jon Pertwee one which is hyper hyper rare! But it's a fortune on eBay. It's £225, whereas you can get the first Pertwee annual for £25!

If I'm out and about I'll usually be after bargains. So this morning I got a bargain in Tesco. I got a Dalek playset for £2.50, that was down from a tenner! I don't want to add up [how much I've spent]! Although if you miss something out years ago, patience can prevail. I got something last week produced in the '90s, a remote control Davros figure that was about £30/40, but I got it for £20.50, new in the box.”

Despite the enormity of his Who collection, he doesn’t have everything. Among the items that remain on his wish list? A life-size Dalek (which retails for $4,000+), and a rare 1970’s Doctor Who annual featuring Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. So what do you think of the collection? Do you have anything that would rival this level of dedicated geekiness?

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