It's pure DC overload in action-packed new trailers for The CW's Arrow and The Flash

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Sep 4, 2014

The marketing blitz for Arrow and its spinoff series The Flash is ramping up, and now The CW has released two excellent new trailers to promo the DC superhero projects.

Not surprisingly, the Arrow trailer is the real standout here. Heading into its third season, the show is easily one of the best genre shows on television. Period. It also has a boatload of characters and story arcs to pick up from last year, and this new footage wastes no time diving in where last season left off.

We get a peek at Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity looking like they might become a lot more than friends, some excellent action set pieces, new baddies and even Roy Harper’s Arsenal getting in on the action. Plus, Oliver is apparently as handy with a pistol as he is with a bow. Who knew?

As for the Flash trailer, it works more to set the tone of the new Arrow spinoff, focusing on the setup of young Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his character. We get to see more of his mother’s mysterious, super speed-related death, plus some nice shots of Gustin getting used to his powers and embracing his inner hero. We’ve seen the pilot, and it’s well worth a watch.

So, while we wait until both these shows to bow this October, enjoy:

Flash premieres Oct. 7, while Arrow returns Oct. 8, to The CW.

(Via The CW)

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