It's Spider-Man star Tom Holland vs. Squirrel Girl (sorta) in hilarious video

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May 3, 2017, 3:16 PM EDT (Updated)

Tom Holland made his debut as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to great acclaim in last summer's Captain America: Civil War. He's set to reprise the role -- and take center stage -- in Spider-Man: Homecoming, opening in July.

Now, with great power comes great responsibility, and Holland has fully embraced the role of the webslinger as he's been visiting sick kids in hospitals (in costume, of course) and popping up during late night talk shows to introduce the movie's first trailer.

With great power also comes great adversity ... sometimes where you least expect it. Holland is active on Instagram and recently posted a video where he gets swarmed by supervillainous squirrels. Not only is he surrounded, the excited critters are literally climbing him like a tree, no doubt looking for food even though he insists he doesn't have a scrap on him.

The only logical explanation for such behavior is that Squirrel Girl was close by, trying to overpower Holland with a bunch of creatures under her control. Maybe he was caught littering? After all, she does have quite the reputation as Central Park's protector ...