It's still morphin' time with 15-page preview of Power Rangers: Aftershock graphic novel

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Mar 24, 2017, 3:12 PM EDT

I remember being a wee lad and watching the first Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie about 500 times (which is about half as much as I watched the sequel, Power Rangers Turbo), so I’m sure there are some fans out there who are just as enthused about the release of today’s Power Rangers movie as I was about the original 22 years ago. And they’re probably just as sad that they’ll have to wait to get more of the brightly colored crew.

Well, fret not, just because the movie is over that doesn’t mean the action has to stop. This Wednesday, March 29, publisher BOOM! Studios will be releasing an original graphic novel, Power Rangers: Aftershock, and we have a 15-page preview for you to go go over! The book picks up right where the movie leaves off, in the aftermath of the cataclysmic action. The city of Angel Grove is still reeling, the titular teen heroes are still adjusting to their newfound powers, and villainous forces are collecting themselves and readying a second strike.

The book is written by Ryan Parrott with art by Lucas Werneck and Robert Carey and colors by Joana Lafuente. This is not the first Power Rangers series that BOOM! has published — they’ve been releasing an ongoing series since the beginning of 2016 — but this is the first story set in the continuity of the film.

Check out the preview in the gallery, and the special cover only available through comic shops by Moon Knight artist Greg Smallwood below! And let us know if you’re ready to stay mighty — or if you’re just holding out for the Beetleborgs movie — in the comments below.