It's Superman vs. Zod in high-flying Man of Steel battle clip

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Jun 7, 2013

After a few clips showing off some nice character moments, we finally have some true Man of Steel action. Behold: Superman vs. Zod!

This piece of footage is, by far, the most revealing bit we’ve seen to date. It shows off the strength and scope of the action director Zack Snyder has created, as Superman (Henry Cavill) drags Zod (Michael Shannon) all over Smallville in an insane bit of action.

The clip debuted on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and kicks in at about the 3:15 mark in the interview above.

It’s a pure FX extravaganza, and it seems Snyder is aiming to change the way we think about Superman’s power. We’ve seen a lot of versions over the years, but Supes has never looked so strong and so fast.

Man of Steel opens June 14.

(Via The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)

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