It’s the end of the world as we know it in the latest Legends of Tomorrow 

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Apr 3, 2018

It’s been a somewhat uneasy season of Legends of Tomorrow across the board, but as usual, the Arrowverse’s resident sci-fi series is looking to end things on a high note. Twists, turns, and a whole lot of jokes — oh yeah, and some classic John Noble.

Spoilers ahead for “Guest Starring John Noble,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, April 2, 2018!

With the season finale next week, this episode did a whole lot of the heavy lifting to help put the pieces in place for one heck of a blowout battle in the season finale. The team has faced time falling apart, a super-team of super-villains, and an immortal, time-traveling killer. But a full-on, building-sized flying demon sets a new bar on the insanity level. After being officially resurrected this season (the version of him from last year was time-displaced), Damien Darhk has gone on an interesting trajectory this season. As he’d been leaning the past few weeks, the baddie finally flipped sides (briefly) to join the Legends to fight Mallus in an effort to save his daughter.

The turn was short-lived, as he betrayed the Legends to make his own play for his daughter Nora’s life, but it has at least put him on an worthwhile trajectory for what is likely his final run in the Arrowverse. Darhk really seems to have found some humanity and empathy while watching his daughter slip away and be taken over by a demon — and there’s no doubt the heart-to-heart he had with Sara was genuine. With Mallus now free, it’ll be interesting to see where he falls in the final battle to come. Who knows, could Damien sacrifice himself to save his daughter in the end?

As for the plan to release Mallus in an effort to vanquish him once and for all, it has all the makings of a classically gutsy and likely terrible Legends plan. In all the right ways. With Amaya creating the final anachronism by trying to save her village from destruction, Sara realizes she’d rather fight Mallus than Amaya, so the Legends suit up as totem bearers to face off with the demon when he arrives. It’s clever, if only because so few shows would’ve made that choice, to avoid the easily manufactured conflict and choose loyalty and teamwork over the more obvious plan. Legends of Tomorrow isn’t your typical show — sometimes that means it's big and goofy, sure — but it also means the show can make creative decisions that you don’t often see in this genre and space.

Sara spent enough time fighting her own team while possessed with the Death Totem. When giving the choice of fighting Mallus or fighting Amaya, it was barely a choice. The Legends stand together, even when it’s literally on the “wrong” side of history.

Assorted musings


*Young Obama was a hoot, and a great little side story to sprinkle in a few jokes, while dealing with a historical figure who would certainly create a massive ripple in the time stream. Plus, that young actor did a great job nailing that trademark Obama cadence. Plus, c’mon, Gorilla Grodd vs. Obama? It’s too silly not to enjoy. We even get a “Run, Barry, Run” to tie it all together.

*Watching Darhk try to fit in with the Legends was hilarious, as he seriously seems shocked that this group of goofballs have actually managed to best him time and time again. Seeing him help make his own trap was perfectly on point.

*Sara and Darhk’s “deal” showed just how much Damien wants to save his daughter, as he readily agrees to let Sara kill him if it means he can save Nora’s life. He, of course, betrayed the team about 20 minutes later. But still a good moment.

*So that’s how they fit John Noble into this whole thing. Having them realize the voices are uncannily similar was a great little easter egg (Noble, of course, voices Mallus on the show). Sending them to the set of Lord of the Rings to grab a few recorded lines to trick Nora into the Legends’ trap. Yes, it was a real plan — and it actually worked.

*Despite finding some confidence last week, Ava is still reeling from the reveal that she’s actually a clone. Turns out she’s actually the 12th Ava that Rip has used as an agent in the Time Bureau, which admittedly gets in her head. Sara actually declares her love to Ava, but Ava rejects her this time around, as she continues to deal with her own insecurities about being one of thousands of clones. Which is admittedly a pretty fair existential crisis.

*After getting a look ahead at Old Lady Amaya, it’ll be interesting to see if they actually address her story this season and send her back to her proper place in the timeline, or let her stick around for another season with the Legends. Her story has largely run its course, but still, they could always find a way to keep her around.

Up next: The Legends assemble an army from all across time to take on Mallus. Looks like they’ll need all the help they can get.

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