It's 2012—so ABC has picked up a pilot from Roland Emmerich

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

Not sure if this is a sign of the coming apocalypse or not, but the Independence Day and Godzilla director is hatching another adventure in which a young scientist learns unimaginable secrets about the true nature of the universe. And, most likely, things will blow up.

Emmerich will direct the pilot for the as-yet-unnamed drama, which will hit ABC's airwaves this coming fall. Written with Harald Kloser—who collaborated with Emmerich on the stalled Singularity movie—the show is described thusly by Variety:

Set in New York City, the story is set against the backdrop of the presidential race of 2012, when a young astrophysics student learns his destiny lies not in science but somewhere between heaven and hell.

It's unclear just how much of Emmerich's trademark destructo-porn style will be achievable on a TV budget, but I'm sure it'll be worth watching to find out.

(via Variety)