1st cast pic from 17th Precinct set is a frakkin' BSG reunion

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

It's an exciting Battlestar Galactica reunion from the set of Ron Moore's upcoming supernatural drama 17th Precinct in a new pic tweeted by none other than Number Six herself, Tricia Helfer.

We were already thrilled about our favorite BSG actors getting back together on Moore's 17th Precinct, so our squee levels were off the charts when Helfer tweeted a pic of herself and her co-stars from the set yesterday.

Standing shoulder to shoulder again, Helfer, James (Gaius "frakkin'" Baltar) Callis and Jamie (Lee Adama) Bamber took the time to reach out to their fans. Thanks, guys!

We're sort of digging Tricia Helfer's brunette locks, and Callis seems rather snug between the statuesque beauty and Jamie Bamber, don't you think?

(via SFX)