It's official: Avatar is now the highest-grossing movie EVER

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

It's official: As expected, James Cameron's Avatar on Monday officially pulled ahead of Cameron's other big movie, about some boat, to become the biggest-grossing movie of ALL TIME.

BoxOfficeMojo reported that Avatar's worldwide gross now stands at $1.859 billion, compared to Titanic's $1.843 billion. Avatar's Monday gross was $3.2 million domestic and an estimated $16.9 million foreign, which put it over the top...

The worldwide crown isn't adjusted for inflation, and Avatar's high grosses were certainly boosted by higher ticket prices overall and especially for 3-D and IMAX screenings. (Check BoxOfficeMojo for the full list of inflation-adjusted grosses.)

So if you haven't seen Avatar yet, you're the only one.

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