It's Spidey vs. mugger in funny new clip from Amazing Spider-Man

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Dec 17, 2012

We're just three months away from seeing The Amazing Spider-Man on the big screen, and we can't wait to get to know Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker just a little bit better. Thankfully, we've got a couple of new clips to check out until then, including one that sees Spidey mix wit and web against a street thug.

The clips in question are a bit low-res, but that's because they're part of a new promotional tie-in that Kellogg's has launched to go along with the flick. Basically, you aim your smart phone at a picture of Peter Parker on the back of participating Kellogg's and Keebler products and BAM!, you get a little snippet of hidden footage.

There are apparently three of these clips floating around in a grocery store near you, two of which have been found and posted to YouTube so far. But the first is by far the most interesting, because it gives us a good look at both Spidey's awesome homemade webbing and his legendary sense of humor.

Check out what happens when a knife-wielding crook corners our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and he reacts with a few tricks of his own:

The other clip is much shorter, but it's still worth watching because it teaches us an important lesson: Don't mess with Peter Parker on the subway.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters everywhere July 3. Did these clips make you more excited to see it, or less?

(via ComingSoon)