It's vamps vs. werewolves in 1st Being Human S4 UK trailer

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Dec 16, 2012

''The stakes are high, there's no escape, the vampires are coming.'' That's what we're being ominously told in this first exciting and full-on emotional—and may we add, a bit trippy—Being Human U.K. season-four trailer.

Returning for this fourth—and perhaps even last—season of the popular BBC Three supernatural drama series created by Toby Whithouse are actors Russell Tovey, as werewolf George, and Lenora Crichlow, as ghost Annie.

The remaining twosome is joined by new posh vamp Hal (Damien Molony) and young werewolf Tom (Michael Socha), who was first introduced last season.

Annie, George, Tom and newcomer Hal find the fate of humanity in their hands as Being Human returns for it's fourth series.

Have a look:

From the looks of things, George is NOT in a good emotional place, having lost both his best friend Mitchell (Aidan Turner) last year—George became the prophesised ''wolf-shaped bullet'' and staked his bloodsucking BFF—and his girlfriend Nina (Sinead Keenan; the departure of the character will be made off-screen).

If that wasn't enough, our poor George also has to deal with the new vampire-authority-in-town that wants to kill his baby daughter because ''werewolves have only ever been made, not born.'' Awesome.

Being Human season four will air on BBC Three in the U.K. in early February (date still to be determined). Let's keep our fingers (and toes) crossed that it'll air sooner rather than later on our side of the pond. Are you looking forward to season four?

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