Jack Kirby at 100: 7 comics legends pay tribute to the King

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Aug 28, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT

Jack Kirby's impact stretched across decades. His creative fire burned for nearly 50 years. From his start working with Joe Simon to the Marvel Age, all the way through to his Fourth World opus for DC. Along the way, he became like one of the New Gods he created on paper. His contemporaries revered and respected him; the newcomers worshipped him.

Over the past few months, SYFY WIRE talked to a large number of comic creators about what the King of Comics meant to them, and they all had their own Kirby tale to tell. These writers and artists all shared memories, recollections and words of wisdom that came from the most imaginative mind comics has ever known. Some of these creators never met Kirby except through the pages of his comics. Doesn't matter. Their admiration and respect is obvious.

Like Eisner-winning writer Tom King, whose new take on Kirby's Mister Miracle is already being called a modern classic, telling us his and artist Mitch Gerads' entire approach to the comic was to not even attempt to touch what Kirby once did with the character. It needed to be something more personal, because, "You can't out-Kirby Kirby."

Even Todd McFarlane, as big a draw as there is in comics, went full fanboy on us as he recounted the time he actually got to ink a Kirby-penciled cover. McFarlane's story shows the generosity of the man who inspired so many to pick up a pencil and draw. The look on Todd's face as he describes getting a call from Kirby says it all.

We get it. When it comes to Kirby, we all bend the knee to The King.

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