Jack White's label wants to spin the first-ever record in space

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Jul 26, 2016, 8:31 PM EDT (Updated)

Would-be hipster astronauts, rejoice!

Jack White’s Detroit-based label, Third Man Records, has announced plans to (hopefully) play a record in space for the first time ever. The plan is to launch a specially-designed “space-proof” turntable on a craft powered by a high-altitude balloon. The craft has been dubbed Icarus, and despite the shakiness of upper atmosphere travel, Third Man sounds confident the turntable will still be able to function and play some tunes… for no one to actually hear. But still, science!

They’ve even picked a fitting tune: A gold-plated pressing of “A Glorious Dawn,” John Boswell’s Symphony Of Science remix of a Carl Sagan monologue from 1980’s Cosmos. The pressing will mark the label’s three-millionth pressing. In case you won’t be in the upper atmosphere to hear the show, some limited edition 12” pressings of “A Glorious Dawn” will also be released.

Sure, this is just a silly gimmick at its heart, but it’s still a fascinating sweet spot where science meets music. Plus, hey, maybe they can retro-fit this record player so a future manned Mars mission can jam some analog tunes along the way.

(Via Third Man Records)

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