Jackman says Wolverine ain't gonna be nothing like X-Men Origins

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Krystal Clark
Dec 17, 2012

The Wolverine's got some making up to do. After X-Men Origins was panned by both fans and critics, the clawed hero needs a fresh start. And according to Hugh Jackman, he's going to get one.

In a recent interview with TotalFilm, Jackman discussed the tone of next year's The Wolverine. He claims it won't be a flat-out sequel to its 2009 predecessor. Instead, it will have more of a self-contained story. "We've deliberately not called it Wolverine 2 because we want it to be placed and feel like a standalone picture," said Jackman. "With an all-new cast and setting it in Japan, it's going to give us a whole new visual aesthetic."

The actor realizes the property can't thrive on name recognition alone. So they've come up with fresher ideas to get fans to return. That's why they hired screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. "He's a brilliant writer, and he came up with a concept that was just phenomenal," he exclaimed.

Despite its many roadblocks, The Wolverine is finally filming in Australia. And no one's more excited about it than Jackman. "I'm just really glad it's happening," he said. "For a while it's felt like a rocky ride. I think it's the best idea we've had, the strongest script we've had, and that now we really have an opportunity to make something really great."

The Wolverine opens in theaters everywhere July 26, 2013.

Do you think The Wolverine can redeem the franchise?

(Total Film via The Geek Files)

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