Jaime King knows more about Sin City 2 than you do

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

It turns out Harvey Weinstein is not the man to go to for news on Sin City 2. Just go straight to the actress Jaime King. She became close with Frank Miller working on Sin City and The Spirit, so she has the details.

"He's done," King said in a group interview on Saturday in Westwood, Calif. where she was promoting My Bloody Valentine. "He's like my brother, so I'm with him like every week, so he just told me a couple days ago that it was finished. He told me about it."

King, who played both Goldie and her twin sister, Wendy, in the Sin City segment "The Hard Goodbye," reprises both roles in the sequel. Since it is technically set before the first film's stories, she gets to play both sisters in a single scene.

"Both of my characters come back at the same time, so that's pretty cool."

Upon hearing that even Harvey Weinstein did not know Miller's status, King playfully gloated about her rank in the chain of command. She is essentially Miller's number two, learning details long before studio heads hear anything.

"Anything with Frank, I am. I knew about the Spirit before the studios knew. I know it the minute it comes across his brain. He is one of my best friends, and his girlfriend's my best friend, so we're with them all the time. A lot of times, he's fleshing out his ideas with me. Like from the minute the Spirit came up or all these other things that he's been working on, I know about it because we just kind of talk it and rap about it and stuff like that."

King will still have to wait for Weinstein to get the official green light. She does not have a start date for production. "I don't know, that's up to the studio."