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Jake Busey talks 'not-your-grandfather's Predator' and Stranger Things 3

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Dec 20, 2018, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

As is wont to happen after San Diego Comic-Con, the rumor mill has been running wild. In particular, there were rumors floated about a female Predator in Shane Black's upcoming The Predator. But unnamed sources connected to the production insisted that this was not true.

On the black carpet at the premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me yesterday in Los Angeles, we ran into The Predator actor Jake Busey, so naturally we had to ask him about the rumor. "This movie might address [a female predator]. It might address a lot more than that. You will just have to go see it!" he said, gleeful in his non-answer that leaves the rumor burning.

Busey stars in The Predator, playing the son of Special Agent Peter Keyes from Predator 2 -- a role played by Jake's real-life father, Gary Busey. The younger Busey went on to promise that The Predator is "big, fun, it'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, it'll make you *beep* your pants."

"Shane Black really put his stamp on this thing," Busey insists. "If you look at Nice Guys and Iron Man 3, all the way back to Lethal Weapon, you look at his 'thing,' it's all witty banter. He's probably the smartest individual that I've ever met. I think he's read every single book ever written. He operates on a level far higher than the rest of us, so he's able to make his comedy just bam-bam-bam-bam. The right performances, and the right actors... look out. This movie is going to slam it. It's not your grandfather's Predator."

We switched gears a bit and asked Busey about his role in Season 3 of Stranger Things. "I play one of these filthy, rotten journalist types!" he jokes. "Nah, I'm a local journalist with a sick sense of humor. They had to add an element to the show, so it's a new angle. Not necessarily all the grown-ups are warm and fuzzy anymore...," he hints.

Busey is a huge fan of the Netflix show, and was extremely excited to get the role. "Those guys are extremely talented. They came up with a great idea, they hit all the notes correctly. For me, the experience was a hearkening back to when I was an adolescent and all the films I loved, like Goonies and Stand By Me and Close Encounters... all of them in one show. It's like they took all of Spielberg's stuff and John Carpenter's stuff and made one show out of it."

The Predator hits theaters Sept. 14. Stranger Things Season 3 is expected to return to Netflix in 2019.

What do you think of this female Predator rumor? Are you hoping we see such an alien? Let us know in the comments!