Jam out to Black Canary's real-life, punk rock EP from the hit DC Comics series

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Mar 3, 2016

One of DC Comics’ biggest hits of the past year has been Brenden Fletcher’s Black Canary run, and now there’s a real-life punk rock soundtrack to go with it.

If you haven’t been reading the series (and why haven’t you?), its put a new spin on Dinah Lance and recast the hero as the lead in a punk rock band. The musical aesthetic has permeated the entire run in a fantastic way, and the creative team behind the comic has teamed up with musician Michelle Benson to literally bring Black Canary’s band to life. As expected, Canary rocks.

A three-song EP has been released, and here’s how the comic’s writer Brenden Fletcher described the meta rock project in an interview with HitFix:

“It was part of the original concept for the series. We weren't able to launch the series with the music, so we decided to get the music out there as part of the promotion for Black Canary Volume One: Kicking and Screaming. I think it's amazing because the story really comes to life in the collected and the music really helps complete the world. It's so funny. This is something I had talked about in the gestation of the project; the actual sound of the band completing part of the narrative. But that was to me a conceptual thing until we actually started making the music. 

Being involved in the creation of the music helped me understand the world I was writing. And now I'm seeing as people listen to the music? I'm getting messages saying "Oh I get the comic now! I wasn't sure how super heroics and music gelled together but now that I'm hearing it? I just bought the album, now I'm going to buy the book." It's very gratifying, everything I hoped for.”

Check out the EP below (it can also be purchased there) and let us know what you think:



(Via HitFix)

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