Watch: Comic artist Jamal Igle on being a black artist and his personal influences

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Apr 28, 2017, 2:00 PM EDT (Updated)

We've been catching up with some of our favorite artists in honor of Black History Month, and our latest chat is with Molly Danger's Jamal Igle.

Igle opens up about the pressure black creators can feel in trying to represent the black experience in comics and his current work on the project Black. He also recounts an experience during his run on DC's Firestorm, where the racism got so bad it led to a brief shut-down of the message board.

Igle also talks about his first experience with superheroes, watching Superman: The Movie as a child and how he became a lifelong superhero fan in that moment. It wasn't until high school that he realized he could actually make a living drawing superheroes and from there his career path was set. Igle also touches on his creator-owned series Molly Danger and the challenges of creating a family-friendly book with a hero who is generally just "good."

Check out the two-part interview below. 

BTW, big thanks to our interview, Akilah Hughes. You can learn more about her here.