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James Bond 007 #1: Greg Pak takes on the legendary superspy in first look at Dynamite's dashing new comic

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Nov 2, 2018, 5:53 PM EDT

Ian Fleming's suave superspy is enjoying a renaissance these days in movies, tie-in novels, video games, and Dynamite Comics series and one-shots like Jeff Parker's James Bond: Origin and Ibrahim Moustafa's James Bond: Solstice.

Now, New York Times bestselling author Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, Weapon X) is delving into the rich legacy of Her Majesty's great national treasure in a new ongoing series this fall from Dynamite Comics titled James Bond 007.

Decorated with some dapper-looking art by Marc Laming (Star Wars, Wonder Woman), this is a must-read mission for all Bond lovers, and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive peek inside.

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Pak's smooth, absorbing storytelling skills are in perfect form in this tale of Agent 007 shadowing a notorious smuggler into Singapore to procure a dangerous case, its exact contents unknown. But a mysterious Korean man is also hunting down the case, but for very different reasons. Bond and this worthy adversary clash in an Asian-set adventure where the stakes are high, and with the sinister terrorist organization known as ORU hot on their heels.

Pak grew up watching new James Bond movies the same way he watched new Star Wars and Raiders movies — as huge events full of thrills and spectacle.

"I've been kind of amazed as I've realized how much the Bond tropes have influenced me and every other writer of action adventure," Pak tells SYFY WIRE. "That fantasy of the ruthless, skilled professional who always gets the job done, that gleeful embrace of huge set-piece action sequences, and that glorious mix of sci-fi and espionage are everywhere now, and they all come from Bond."

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For his recent immersion into the Bond mythos, Pak chose the infamous hat-wearing villain, Oddjob, as a potent nemesis for the famous superspy.

"Yes, this is an Oddjob story, and we're making Oddjob awesome. Fun, passionate, incredibly skilled, and even, dare I say it, sexy," he explains. "He'll end up as Bond's biggest ally or deadliest enemy, with the fate of millions in the balance. For a few decades now, I've been obsessed with Oddjob.  He's a fantastic foil for Bond — cocky and passionate and unpredictable. He might end up as Bond's greatest ally — or most deadly opponent. They get under each other's skin and drive each other crazy, and it's a blast writing them."

Weighing in on Marc Laming's dynamic art, Pak praises his precise pencil work in bringing the espionage tale to life.

"Marc is amazing," Pak says. "He's got this incredible knack for drawing regular people in regular clothes and making them both totally real and believable and simultaneously incredibly charismatic and larger than life. He's nailing all of the little character moments and humor and charm that's so essential to both Bond and Oddjob in this story — and he's making the action as thrilling as any superhero comic on the stands."

Pak also gave a shout-out to "sing the praises of the rest of the creative team — colorist Triona Farrell and letterer Ariana Maher are giving the world incredible depth and texture, and editor Nate Cosby is gleefully nudging all of us to make the book everything it can be. It's been a blast to work on, and I hope readers feel the love."

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Pour yourself a martini... shaken, not stirred... then venture into our seven-page look at the interior art, and variant covers showcasing the work of Dave Johnson (Deadpool), John Cassaday (Lone Ranger), Rafael Albuquerque (Detective Comics), and Marc Laming.

Dynamite's James Bond 007 #1 sneaks into comic shops on Nov. 7.