James Bond finally sees some action in the first TV spot for Spectre

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Jun 10, 2015

As if all the blockbuster goodness hitting theaters this year weren't enough already, 2015's also bringing us the 24th (canonical, anyway) James Bond film this fall. Spectre is one of the most anticipated Bond films in recent memory for a number of reasons. For one thing, it's the return of the titular evil organization that Bond faced so much during the early films, and for another, the villain is Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. Perhaps most notably, though, the film is the followup to Skyfall, which earned almost universal critical acclaim and set box-office records on its way to more than $1 billion worldwide. Those aren't easy shoes to fill, so we've been curious to see how Spectre will pull it off. 

The first teaser trailer for the film drew us in with its mysterious, even creepy tone, and its emphasis on secrets that the film will presumably unveil. It's all atmosphere and cool reserve, with none of the action-movie punch that forms the other half of the combo that made Skyfall work so well. Now the first TV spot is here to deliver the action the teaser was lacking. It begins with more emphasis on secrets, and even uses some of the same footage from the teaser, but then things kick into high gear. We get car chases, explosions, plane crashes, fight scenes and much more, all in very short order, and it all builds to Bond delivering his signature line. Check it out:

Spectre arrives, with plenty of action to back up all those shadows and intrigue, on Nov. 6.

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