Chosen One of the Day: The Oh Cult Voodoo Shop from Live and Let Die

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May 23, 2017, 2:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Roger Moore -- MY 007 growing up and an all-around classy Brit -- passed away today.

I felt sad. Then I thought, "I should really re-watch Spice World" and then "Victoria Beckham is oddly a gifted comedienne." And THEN "Live and Let Die is so fun and bonkers, and clearly what needs to be today's Chosen One of the Day is the critically important retail outlet featured in the film, "Oh Cult Voodoo Shop."

The story: Bond is looking for a gangster, Mr. Big, and tracks one of his minions to the aforementioned shop. He buys a stuffed snake (!) to distract the store clerk and then tails the minion. Observe (apologies for poor quality):

So here's why "Oh Cult! Voodoo Shop" is still something I think about at least three times every other week:

1. It's a store named "Oh! Cult Voodoo Shop."
2. The store is located at 33 E. 65th St. in Manhattan. Upper East Side all the way!
3. Voodoo is apparently enough of a market to support the rent of a storefront in midtown, even in the early '70s.
4. The only thing this store sells are beads, skulls, candles and a stuffed snake.
5. The shop clerk's opening line is "Something ... in heads?" Which is a bizarre, yet innovative, way to make a sale.
6. What does this woman's LinkedIn profile look like?
7. That snake Bond picks up is not worth $5. That thing is budget as hell!

Anyway, rest in peace, Roger Moore, and thank you for being an indirect way America got to see this gorgeous retailer.

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