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James Cameron on the one thing he changed in Terminator 2's rerelease

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Aug 15, 2017

James Cameron is an exacting filmmaker notorious for the precision and detail involved in his creative process, so when he reveals he only changed one scene in his new Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D restoration, that's an extraordinary thing.

A fresh 4K remaster of the seminal sci-fi flick is marching into theaters with the added dimension of 3D starting August 25. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Cameron addressed the temptations to tinker with the original cut of the film with digital tools, but the director admitted to only one glaring change he made in the restoration process.

During the crazy chase scene in the concrete flood canal, Robert Patrick's T-1000 nose-dives a monster tow-truck off a bridge in pursuit of Edward Furlong's young John Connor on a dirt bike. As the truck smashes down onto the cement, the two front windshields are seen to pop out, only to return when we cut back to the chase. In the video below, Cameron explains this quick fix, admitting that "It just bugged me."

But apparently Cameron did another bit of a touch-up to his prize time-travel thriller, and one that has always bothered me. Yes, it's those terribly obvious stunt double scenes of daredevil Peter Kent as Arnold Schwarzenegger's doppelganger during the same chase scene on the roaring Harley. Those have now been digitally corrected to implant Arnie's actual mug onto the stuntman's head. Gotta love movie magic!

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What do you think of these two minor alterations, and are you planning to go see this sparkling new release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day when it lands in multiplexes at the end of the month?

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