James Cameron promises "new worlds, new habitats, new cultures" in Avatar sequels

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Feb 19, 2014, 11:48 AM EST (Updated)

The alien society that we first met in James Cameron's groundbreaking Avatar is not going to be the only one in the movie's upcoming sequels.

Speaking via phone with RTL, director James Cameron says that preproduction on the three follow-ups to his 2009 mega-blockbuster is in its early stages and "going very well":

"Right now we’re developing the software. I’m writing the scripts. We’re designing all the creatures and characters and the settings, and so on. So, I’m not actually directing yet, but I’m doing all the other creative processes that lead up to that...It’s going very well."

As for what exactly we'll see in those three movies, Cameron makes a bold promise and offers some tantalizing hints:

"I think it’s going to be spectacular. You’ll see new worlds, new habitats, new cultures. The primary conflict between the human view kind of dominating nature and the Na’vi view of being integrated into nature is the same, but it manifests itself in very different ways.”

Cameron stops short of saying whether we'll meet other new races, although the "new worlds" comment could very well mean something along those lines. But at the very least, it seems like the sequels could introduce other Na'vi communities that are different from the ones we met in the first film.

The filmmaker also mentions that he hasn't "made a final decision" on whether he's going to shoot all or part of the movies in the same high-frame-rate format that Peter Jackson has used for The Hobbitalthough the films will be in 3D -- after all, it was Avatar that kicked off the whole current 3D wave, for better or worse. (Our two cents on high frame rate? Skip it.)

The films are scheduled for release in December 2016, 2017 and 2018, with Cameron planning to shoot them all at once. He says that advances in the technology since he made the first Avatar will help speed up the process of what is sure to be one of the most complex filmmaking projects of all time.

Listen to the audio of Cameron's comments below. What would you like to see in the Avatar sequels? More of the Na'vi or different races on different planets altogether? How should Cameron expand this universe he's created?

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