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James Cameron visits liquid space in epic new Deepsea Challenge 3D trailer

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Jul 2, 2014

James Cameron has always loved dipping a toe into the deep blue sea, whether it's wrangling weird water tentacles in The Abyss or sinking a big-ass boat in his Titanic.  

But his greatest love is underwater adventures in hostile environments at the bottom of the ocean.   His latest pioneering plunge to reach the lowest point below the surface has been captured digitally in Deepsea Challenge 3D, an epic expedition seven miles down to the deepest point on the planet, where no cameras have ever ventured.  Put on your water wings and undertake this amazing odyssey with Cameron to the blackened pit of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific, and remember: There are a hundred horrible ways to die down there.  

I'll just stay topside and bubble-watch.

National Geographic's Deepsea Challenge 3D swims into theaters on Aug. 6, 2014.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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