James Cameron will finally begin shooting the Avatar sequels next week

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:54 AM EDT (Updated)

It's been nearly a decade since James Cameron's sci-fi epic Avatar hit theaters, shooting to the top of the all-time box-office charts and wowing audiences worldwide with its game-changing visuals. Even back then, as his film was raking in the millions, Cameron was already talking about his vision for a sequel, and an eventual trilogy. Over time, two Avatar sequels became four Avatar sequels, and though Cameron always promised he was working on the films, they faded further and further away. At times it felt like we might never see this fabled franchise again.

But Cameron is a meticulous, patient filmmaker. All this time he's been working to perfect everything he'll need to make Avatar 2 yet another visual wonder. Last month he confirmed that he's finally begun "scouting" the sequel's all-digital sets to make sure all the lighting and positioning he wants looks right, and he promised that by the end of September he would actually begin shooting the film.

It seems he's keeping his promise.

During a special Terminator event in Los Angeles on Tuesday -- the same event where it was revealed that Linda Hamilton would be returning to that franchise -- Cameron apparently confirmed that he will begin shooting Avatar 2 on Monday, right on schedule with the end-of-September promises made last month. The news was reported by Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter, who attended the event.

Unfortunately we have no other details as to how Cameron confirmed this, but it seems pretty straightforward. He's doing what he said he would. If all goes well, that means Avatar will finally return to the big screen more than a decade after the original film was released, on December 18, 2020. The plan is for Cameron to shoot the films back-to-back-to-back-to-back, completing the pentalogy by 2025. Given how long it took for us to get this far, it's hard to tell what the odds are of all of the release dates actually being hit with these films, but this is a start.

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