James Corden The Shape of Water

James Corden literally catfishes The Shape of Water star Sally Hawkins in parody

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Jan 10, 2018, 11:18 AM EST

Despite director Guillermo del Toro being adamant that the fishman in The Shape of Water was sexy by design, late night hosts still wish to poke fun at the monster-human romance that’s sweeping awards season by storm.

The most recent piece of pescado parody comes from James Corden's The Late Late Show, during which the comedian becomes an actual fish that catfishes The Shape of Water star Sally Hawkins (who isn’t entirely unreceptive).

Just watch:


Terry the Tinder date isn’t without his redeeming qualities (table manners, lack of a neck tattoo) but he is still a sea monster. That said, in keeping with its source’s thesis, he is still more appealing for Hawkins’ character than the majority of human men.

More Creature from the Black Lagoon than lithe Amazonian river god, Corden’s slimy character (first in texture, then in personality) ends up rejecting Hawkins for not being a “normal person.” No love is forged through humanity’s intolerance here - no, instead there’s a date-ending fight over a cheeseburger and we all get to appreciate that the creature design del Toro’s artists created doesn’t look like he’s wearing gloves.

The fin is a nice touch, though.