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James Gunn is a huge Farscape fan, which explains that Guardians Vol. 2 cameo

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Aug 4, 2017

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hitting digital and Blu-ray this month, James Gunn is digging back through his archive of behind-the-scenes photos — and also reminiscing about how a few of the film’s more interesting cameos came to be.

One of the coolest, at least for keen-eyed Farscape fans? A gold-painted Ben Browder (aka John Crichton) showing up as the Admiral to Sovereign Ayesha. It’s not the biggest role, but Browder pops up for a memorable little stint, and it turns out the reason for the gig was simple: Gunn loves Farscape. You know, like pretty much everyone else who has ever seen the acclaimed sci-fi series.

Gunn posted a photo of himself chatting it up with Browder behind the scenes, and revealed that the cameo came together after Gunn met Browder at a convention and asked him if he’d be interested in a role in the MCU. Browder said yes, and a few buckets of gold paint later, Ayesha gets a No. 2.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we see of Browder’s Admiral, because if we’re not getting any new Farscape, it at least gets the former John Crichton back in the outskirts of the frelling universe.

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