James Gunn offers skeptical fan $100K to disprove Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg exists

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Nov 21, 2016, 4:32 PM EST (Updated)

Director James Gunn is throwing down the geek gauntlet to bolster his claim that a now-legendary undiscovered Easter egg exists in his Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Despite throngs of resourceful fans, avid cinephiles and nations of nit-pickers poring over every frame of the rowdy superhero movie since its theatrical and home video release, the one major elusive secret has yet to be discovered. In a recent Facebook Q&A session, Gunn was called out for being a consummate trickster and the idea was introduced that perhaps there was no mysterious Easter egg and that this was all just a twisted joke.  

Now Gunn has gone on the defensive after being called the "ultimate troll" and insists the huge inside visual reference (and possibly many more) is indeed hiding in plain sight and is willing to part with $100,000 if a skeptical fan can prove him wrong. The director has gone on the record after the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray edition was launched by saying that "There's definitely one really big thing that people haven't seen, but they may never see it -- we'll see. There's other things, too," and certainly a few have been unveiled inside the Collector's cosmic museum but many still remain hidden. Offering a binding contract to the disgruntled fan, Gunn has raised even more speculation as to the existence of the elusive Easter egg.  Here's his defiant post:

Do you think this legendary Easter egg is a reality, or is all this just a clever smoke screen to obscure the truth that it is only a nerd-fueled mirage?

(Via Comic Book)