James Gunn reportedly back to direct, write Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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Jul 26, 2014, 11:16 AM EDT (Updated)

It seems to be official: Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn is pulling a Joss Whedon and will be back for the space epic sequel.

The good folks over at The Wrap revealed that Gunn, who was hoping to be asked back for the sequel, will indeed return in the double-saddle as director and writer. The news came not from the usual Marvel channels but from Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman.

Here’s what Perlman said:

“They started to figure it out pretty quick when they started getting the reactions from the audience; it was a very positive reaction. Of course they would want to make a sequel as long as it does well and people are excited about it, they'll wanna do a sequel. So, it's going to happen. James will be directing ‘Guardians 2,’ so he would also be writing ‘Guardians 2.”

Have a look at the San Diego Comic-Con interview below:

Awesome news! Still, that’s not really that big of a surprise, since Guardians of the Galaxy is currently raking in stellar reviews and still has a really cool (and rare for a sci-fi flick) 100 percent fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes

Perlam herself wasn’t so sure about her own involvement in the Marvel space epic. She became involved with Guardians of the Galaxy through Marvel’s writers’ program, which asked writers to adapt and put their own spin on a few of their comics, earning her her very first writing credit after Gunn offered his own take in a later draft.

As if that weren't enough confirmation, Hero Complex seperately reported that “Feige [Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige] confirmed that Gunn would direct a sequel should Marvel move forward with one.” So it seems to be about as official as it can be, without actually being official.

Are you guys at all surprised that Gunn will be back for an encore with our beloved space idiots for Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

Guardians of the Galaxy rockets into theaters on Aug. 1.

(The Wrap, Hero Complex)

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