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James Gunn takes break from making sequels to rank the best... including Blade Runner 2049

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Apr 14, 2020, 3:24 PM EDT

Prolific filmmaker James Gunn has been a hot commodity in recent years, flipping back and forth between superhero juggernauts Marvel and DC, but the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise helmer has also been prolific on Twitter. His most recent social media cause? Listing out all the sequel films that are better than the originals they followed.

The writer/director, who is currently in the middle of two blockbuster follow-ups (The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galazy Vol. 3), may have had the idea of improvement on his mind, as he also kicked off the GotG franchise. But what’s fun here are the hot takes, including the position that Blade Runner 2049 is better than Blade Runner.

Ok, ok, it’s not the hottest take on Twitter by a long shot, but Denis Villeneuve’s contemplative sci-fi follow-up to Ridley Scott’s classic has mostly become a cult hit among diehard genre fans and critics. It’s also a bit hard to make the case that Blade Runner 2049 is better than Blade Runner without specifying which cut of Blade Runner in consideration, since there are more versions out there than there are attack ships off the shoulder of Orion.


Here’s Gunn’s full list of sequels that bestest their predecessors:

Gremlins 2, Empire Strikes Back, Bride of Frankenstein. Lotta genre on here, and a lot of superhero films in particular. Speaking as a bit of an authority on superhero films, Gunn offered up the following thesis:

Origins are tough. There’s a reason Endgame did more bank than any individual hero’s first film. Fans and filmmakers alike already paid their dues so they could get into some real crossover meat. The same theory applies to most genre films, which necessitate a higher level of set-up than a standard drama.

James Gunn’s follow-ups are on the way and far enough in the future not to have been impacted by any coronavirus delays; The Suicide Squad is on track for August 6, 2021 while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 doesn't yet have a date. What films do you think fit Gunn’s criteria?