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James Gunn shoots down cosmic fan theory about the Soul Stone in Infinity War

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Apr 6, 2018, 2:45 PM EDT

Avengers: Infinity War is now just three weeks from its release, so we're finally in the home stretch of waiting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe event that every other Marvel Cinematic Universe event has been building to. Very, very soon, many of the mysteries surrounding the film will at long last be solved by the very act of watching it...but that doesn't means fans are going to stop coming up with their own theories in the meantime.

As we've covered before here on SYFY WIRE, a massive number of Infinity War fan theories are floating around out there, musing on everything from the ultimate fates of characters to new MCU revelations to, of course, the location of the final of the six Infinity Stones: The Soul Stone. Every other stone in the MCU has been revealed at this point, and we know roughly where each one is located. The Soul Stone, however, remains a mystery, and fans have been trying to pin its location down for months, even going as far as to ask MCU creators if their guess is correct.

This week, one such fan reached out to Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director, and Infinity War executive producer, James Gunn, to ask if their fan theory about the stone linking it to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was correct. Here's the theory, and Gunn's answer.

"HIM" in this instance, is Adam Warlock, the powerful cosmic character originally simply called "Him" in the pages of Marvel Comics. Originally created by the scientists of the Enclave in an endeavor to craft a perfect human, Adam Warlock ultimately became a wielder of the Soul Gem (in the comics, they're gems instead of stones), and then became trapped within it (long story). During the Inifinity Gauntlet miniseries, he was resurrected, and played a key role in defeating Thanos, including at one point wielding the Gauntlet himself. In a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coda scene, he's introduced as a being gestating in a cocoon, created by High Priestess Ayesha to be the next step in the evolution of the golden Sovereign race. The combination of his major role in The Infinity Gauntlet and his teased introduction in Vol. 2 have led many fans to believe he's a secret major player in Infinity War.

Alas, all signs point to this not being true, at least for now. In addition to shooting down this very direct fan theory, Gunn has said in the past that Adam will not appear in Infinity War or its sequel. In fact, he might not even appear in the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 if the timing doesn't feel right, as Gunn said in a fan Q&A back in November. Plus, Infinity War is already absolutely packed with characters and locations. This is an Avengers movie, so massive scale is a given, but even with that in mind it seems hard to believe the film has the time to explain Adam Warlock to everyone (even the Guardians don't know about him yet), give him his birth scene, throw him into the fray and oh by the way explain how and why he happens to hold the Soul Stone. The stone's location is a mystery for a reason, but that doesn't seem like the answer.

So, if that theory bites the dust, then where is the Soul Stone? There are still plenty of theories out there (Wakanda, still lost in space, etc.), including one that it might not even show up in Infinity War at all. This is one mystery that might take two movies to solve.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters April 27.

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